May 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

During finals, your daily outfits are probably demoted to mere afterthoughts. You tell yourself that there is no time to waste standing in front of your bedroom closet to decide which shade of white would complement your soft pink pleated skirt. So you tend to throw on arbitrary articles of clothing a few minutes before heading out. Maybe you select a very comfortable pair of gray sweatpants in a tint that matches the severe bags under your eyes. In terms of priorities, your Contemporary Global Conflicts final exam is perhaps the only one that matters. Your dreams mainly consist of you reciting your class notes and readings on international relations theories and your waking hours are spent no differently.

This is an all too familiar scenario and a reasonable one, no doubt. You are already stressed about school; you certainly do not need any added pressure to look immaculate and dressed up. This student shows us that easy and relaxed does not have to look boring and carelessly assembled.

She starts her look off with a long black spring jacket—fitted and flattering—and layers it over a salt and pepper colored knitted sweater. For bottoms, she is donning a pair of olive green skinny trousers, featuring zippers at the legs.

She completes her look with a pair of black sneakers with subtle crocodile print trimming. Since this is a look for school, a backpack is an essential part, and this Fashionista opted for an interesting pattern for hers that surely stands out amid all the darker tones—a camouflage print duffel bag to hold relevant material and ease on the go studying, if necessary. With her hair slicked back and a bounce in her step, she is ready to take on the day’s academic woes.

One Simple Change: Despite the volatile weather, consistent warmth is on the way, where people will have more incentive to partake in outdoor promenades and runs. Consequently, many will begin their search for new workout wear, but you don’t have to look very far—this outfit is your answer. With a few edits, it can translate from a look ideal for exercising your student responsibilities to one for exercising on the track. First, exchange the olive green fitted trousers for a pair of joggers that better facilitate mobility. Finally, swap the long black jacket with a lighter track jacket.