The end of the semester is finally drawing near and you know what that means: Final exams, end of the year projects and that last chance to have the biggest turn up of the century. As college students, let’s face it, right now we are pretty much booked. So, we’re easily susceptible to falling back into the look of sweatpants and sneakers for the last two weeks. To be quite honest, I don’t blame them. We’re tired! That’s why those moments of seeing students maintaing their studies and still finding the time to show off their personal style is such a refreshing and beautiful sight to see. This Fashionista, who looks like she could’ve been Janet Jackson’s stunt double in Poetic Justice, isn’t letting the drag of approaching finals mess up her vibes.

Decked out in everything Urban Outfitters, this Fashionista is bringing a west coast Cali style straight to UConn. The black crop top and DIY ripped denim are bold and in-your-face. They are a great throwback and homage to black beauty icons of the ’90s, including Nia Long and Janet Jackson. A great staple addition is the oversized parka, perfectly stylish and accessible, as well as comfortable and durable. The parka is a great way to remain trendy and chic, all while still being practical. With heavy winds mixed with our spring weather, it is great to have just that right amount of warmth. Finishing everything off, the Dr. Martens give the outfit just that right kind of edge for a grunge appeal. This Fashionista is ready to finish off the semester in style!

One Simple Change: Just finished your last exam and want to celebrate with a few friends? Whether it’s out to eat at a restaurant or a kickback in the dorm, try switching from the light wash to a dark-wash denim for a more structured and mature look.