It is approaching the end of the semester for many of us, and that means a lot of time may be spent studying/pulling your hair out at the library until the early hours of dawn. While this is a stressful time, choosing what to wear when you wake up should not be. Finals are a time to focus on your work and spend a few last moments with those friends you may not be seeing for the next three months. Check out this Fashionista, who has a comfy and casual yet stylish look that is perfect for those late night study sessions.

She starts with a sheer gray T-shirt and pairs it with a fun pair of printed pants. I’ve heard a million names for these pants—party pants, palazzo pants, elephant pants. Whatever you insist on calling them, they’re cute, comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Because the prints they come in are usually so loud and crazy, you definitely want to pair them with a more simple, solid top. For accessories, she adds a large, brown leather bag big enough to hold any books and study materials. Along with her aviators, she chooses a cute statement necklace to polish off her look.

Take a lesson from this Fashionista—you don’t have to be wearing sweatpants to go and study with friends. A pair of party pants are even more comfortable and a whole lot more stylish. Good luck with finals!

One Simple Change: Substitute the T-shirt for a more dressy, flowy tank top to create an outfit perfect for date night!