It’s that dreaded time of year…finals. The week before and the week of finals are full of coffee, all-nighters, living in the library and more coffee. During this stressful time of the year, showers can be scarce and deciding what to wear needs to be a quick, easy process. When you need to get out the door and hit the books a simple yet comfortable outfit is the way to go.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect answer for mixing cute and practical. She is rocking a classic flannel top and leggings perfect for long wear in the library. Rather than opting for the standard oversized T-shirt this Fashionista looks polished in a flannel. She throws on an acid wash denim jacket that is perfect spring. Her olive green sneakers are a great stylish and comfortable alternative to running shoes. A cute pair of sneakers is essential for spring and can be paired with leggings like this Fashionista or a simple dress.

This Fashionista adds some flair to her look with a red studded bag. Her bag is perfect for adding an element of cool to her look and big enough to hold all the emergency study candy bars a girl could need. She is also rocking a pair of crème tortoise shell shades that are stylish yet casual.

When dressing for finals, it’s easy to look like you’re headed for the gym, but you should opt for more chic alternatives like this Fashionista. During prep for finals you should dress for success. Before you reach for those baggy sweat pants, look for other comfortable, cute options like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: So you ace all your finals and its time to celebrate with friends on a night out. Swap out your leggings for a cute skater skirt and your ready to go!