WHAT TO WEAR: Finals  

As we near the end of the school year, the only thing that stands between us and freedom is a grueling few weeks of final exams. After spending every waking moment at the library, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to wear. Having a repertoire of easy, effortless outfits you can throw on at the last minute is key in order to stay stylish during finals.

When you’re rushing home to change after your all night study session, you don’t have time, let alone the energy, to choose your outfit. You want something quick, simple and comfortable. So what’s simpler than a T-shirt and jeans? This Fashionista models how stylish this timeless combination can be as she opts for a soft gray T-shirt and a pair of olive jeans. The trick to making basics more interesting is to choose pieces with a unique fabric or print. This Fashionista’s jeans look fresh among the sea of blue and black denim. For some reason libraries and classrooms always seem to be blasting the air conditioning, so bringing along a cardigan can keep you warm and stylish.

Chances are that once exams start, you will find yourself either chained to your study carrel or sprinting to find your next caffeine fix. In either case you want to be wearing comfortable shoes. If you haven’t heard, sneakers, the epitome of comfortable shoes, are still popular and this Fashionista demonstrates how to make them look chic. Matching your shoes with your outfit’s color palette streamlines the look and makes everything look put together.

When you have an exhausting day full of exams, the last thing you want to think about is what you’re going to wear. Exam week doesn’t mean you have to succumb to wearing a ratty pair of sweatpants and some old high school club T-shirts. Have your essentials set aside in preparation and go back to deciding whether you need one or two shots of espresso. Better yet, catch a few more Z’s. Best of luck on finals!

One Simple Change: Are you preparing for a girl’s night out after your last exam? Swap out the jeans for a slimming pair of disco pants and exchange your sneakers for a pair of platforms and you’re ready to go!