What’s bold, breath-taking and black all-over? This outfit, of course! This Fashionista was spotted on the way to study for finals in this killer outfit, ready to take on an afternoon of coffee and cue cards. There’s nothing better than basic black during a busy and stressful exam period. No need to worry about matching colors, it’s simple and quick but classy, elegant and edgy. From head to toe the glam never stops on this Fashionista’s look.

Starting with a simple black T-shirt, a wardrobe essential, she built on an interesting look by adding some glamorous pieces. Her fabulous black (faux!) fur jacket is perfect for the in-between weather that is so common during a Torontonian spring. Her rocker leather pants that are suitable for kicking exam butt go perfectly with her shiny, picture-perfect leather shoes. She added a simple chain necklace and an oversized leather bag that works well for traveling with large textbooks, laptops, notebooks, cue cards and all of your studying needs.

Even her hair is elegant and classy with loose waves that look nice and natural while still keeping a beautiful texture. Not one item looks out of place and the outfit looks well-planned and organized while not actually taking a ton of time to put together, leaving more time for sleep and studying! Time is a valuable thing during finals!

One Simple Change: After finals are all over, swap out the leather pants for a cute mini leather skirt to achieve an edgy look for a fun night out to celebrate your newly found summer freedom!