For those of us on the quarter system or trimesters, finals are quickly approaching. If this doesn’t include you, this outfit inspiration is also perfect for your average day of class. Finals week is one of those times when we accept the fashion fouls that we normally would oppose. Many of us may be tempted to be lazy and to focus too much on the comfort rather than the overall look. I don’t know about you guys, but showing up to class in pajamas would just put me right back to sleep. Many times during finals, we have group projects where you stand in front of the class and talk about what you have been working on for the past ten weeks. I honestly believe that I do better when I feel better. This is not just limited to my health and what I’m eating. It also includes how I am presenting myself to my peers. Presenting yourself professionally also shows that you are serious about your work. I am a big advocate of dressing comfortably, but I also believe that comfort and being fashion forward can go hand in hand.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to a study session over the weekend. Her outfit is the perfect example of dressing for comfort while still being presentable. She chose to wear a pair of adorable brown booties, some deep navy jeggings, a military inspired jacket, a light pink scarf and an over the shoulder bag for her computer and books. This Fashionista proves how simple it is to dress chic and comfy.

One Simple Change: If you’re not a huge fan of wearing jeggings, switch them out for a pair of super comfortable jeans. AG is one of my favorite jean brands because they feel like pajamas.