It is finals week here at the University of Oregon and the student body is busy studying at home or spending hours in the Knight Library. You can almost see the spring quarter out there in the distance. Students are excited for spring to come to the beautiful University of Oregon campus; however, there is just one little thing standing in their way…finals. If it’s not a cumulative final, it’s a time consuming project or even a 12 page research paper that separates them from Spring Break. Walking through campus I see one common theme: students with caffeine held in one hand while a load of textbooks are balanced in the other. But that doesn’t mean the Fashionistas/os are ignoring or giving up on their stylish outfits, hiding themselves away from the real world.

This Fashionista grabbed some of her favorite pieces rushing out of the door today on the way to meet her study group. Her most beloved piece is a timeless flannel dress that was recently purchased at TOBI. This girly grunge look is incredibly versatile and critical in any girl’s wardrobe. This trend seems to have been gaining some steam and on the rise this past year. I have seen it prominently displayed in many of my favorite stores: TOBI, Nordstrom and PacSun among others.

The coordination of color in this outfit works flawlessly for her look. Using neutral colors like black and gray and then adding multiple pops of maroon bring the outfit all together. Due to the fact that you can never know what kind of weather Oregon has to offer, she added her thigh-high socks with a short pair of ankle booties for both style and protection that she found for an awesome price at Forever 21. To top off her outfit she added a simple gold two-chain necklace and a maroon hat to block out the sun on the way to class. The fun aspect of these hats is that you can go to Nordstrom and explore the numerous colors available to go perfect with a variety of spring looks.

Finals week isn’t a time to lose your style, it is time to take on finals with gusto and the fashion world at the same time. Who says you can’t take a test in style? And we all need to remember, spring is coming!

One Simple Change: If the sun is shining take off those booties and add a fun pair of sandals. From gladiator sandals to casual strappy sandals, there are many styles from which to choose. Sam Edelman always meets my needs when I am trying to find a perfect pair of spring sandals.