For those of us on the quarter system, finals are beginning to loom! With studying, tests and lots of chocolate covered espresso beans on the horizon for many, it’s easy for fashion to get lost in the fuss. Some students, however, just seem get it right no matter what time of the quarter it might be. What’s even easier than slipping into leggings, a tank top and Birkenstocks? Choosing a structured but comfortable dress! This Fashionista knows how to make an appearance effortlessly.

It’s true! Sometimes the perfect outfit only needs a couple of simple pieces. The gray tank dress this Fashionista wears looks comfortable for any activity, including sitting through a long test. Not to mention, with the weather heating up, it would make the perfect base for any outfit. Add a floral scarf, denim vest, wide-brimmed hat or leather jacket. When I say this dress makes the perfect style investment, I mean it! I’d be eager to read an entire blog dedicated to outfits built around it.

For her part, this Fashionista chooses only two pieces, but they do a lot of trendy talking. First, the ankle hem of her dress showcases a pair of trusty brown Birkenstocks. The small cross-body bag she chooses has a gold chain and printed tassel, which add a touch of fun to the look. To top things off beauty wise, a red lip adds extra sophistication and maturity to the outfit, while a nose ring keeps things playful. This Fashionista’s overall combination of neutrals laughs in the face of that old rule about not mixing brown and black. Simple and flawlessly effective, her look takes seconds to put together but leaves a lasting impression.

One Simple Change: Going on vacation after finals? Layer a kimono over the dress for a perfect beach look!