Before I checked my internship packet, I almost tagged the season as summer because the recent weather in Seattle just jumped from winter to hot summer. People around UW campus are dressing in sundresses or shorts to welcome such unexpected heat at the end of winter quarter. For colleges on the West Coast, it’s finals week now. To acclimate to the warmer season, this Fashionista selects a solid color palette for her ensemble of the day.

On the UW quad, the cherry blossoms are blooming. With such a sunny and flowery background, the simplicity and freshness of this Fashionista’s outfit caught my eyes. Simplicity here doesn’t mean anything normal or basic. Instead, it shows the art of minimalism, which works perfectly for a busy finals week.

Her graphic T-shirt might look simple, but it’s actually different from many of them. The black and white combination sets the classic tone. As for letters, the bold and neat font in a befitting size helps them become even snappier and eye-catching. Graphic T-shirts are the key for looking chic during a busy finals week. 

Echoing the black fonts on the T-shirt and keeping the unity of the solid color palette, black leggings become a smart choice to flatter this Fashionista’s bottom half and keep her warm during the colder morning. The stretchy material of the leggings also brings comfort when sitting for a long time to study for finals. Her socks and shoes reveal this Fashionista’s cute personality and artful taste, especially the patterns on her socks. The black background with the moose print goes nicely with the black leggings and the brown part of the shoes.

Another key for staying stylish during finals week is minimal accessorizing. Light blue and white bracelets and rings add a refreshing and clear sense to this Fashionista’s look while contrasting with the heaviness of the bottom half. The crystal white stone with shine of the ring is just as beautiful as those baby cherry blossoms under the sun.

One Simple Change: What’s next after battles with finals? A relaxing weekend! For weekend wear, I suggest switching the heavy winter boots to cute silver sandals.