This week has been extremely hot in Riverside and honestly, it’s nice, but it’s terrible at the same time because most of us are going through (gasp!) finals. Finals are dreadful, and many times students lose sleep over studying and just plainly do not care what they look like. But finals should not be an excuse to stop looking cute and polished. You should feel and look good when taking finals.

Just look at this Fashionista! She has the right fit for spring and still looks casual enough for studying. She has the whole bohemian vibe going on with these detailed and unique bangles. Her whole ensemble is simple, yet still has that extra pop we need during spring. The main focus was this Fashionista’s black patterned palazzo pants. Palazzo pant are a great trade-off for sweatpants. With palazzo pants, there are so many different ways you can pair an outfit. For today’s look, the Fashionista wrapped her shirt into a knot to accentuate her waist. These pants are bit hard to pull off, but once you wear them, you don’t ever want to take them off. The texture is silky, making it perfect for this weather and, best of all, they’re super comfortable!

One Simple Change: I’m pretty sure after we finish finals, everyone just wants to celebrate. I usually celebrate with my girls, so if you’re planning to have girl’s night out, simply put a nice biker jacket over either a crop or tank top. You can continue to wear a flappy patterned pant, but, if you want to be more sophisticated, you can try to wear a maxi skirt, which will definitely flaunt that you are ready to have good time!