April 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you’re in the headspace I am, you cannot comprehend how fast the semester has moved. It’s already nearing that time we all love to hate: finals. Yes, the exams you take back to back to back that could make or break your grade. It’s like these make us all rethink our choice of higher education. Personally, I contemplate my choice multiple times throughout each semester. Every time I end up realizing it’ll all be worth it once I’m sipping coffee in my beautiful loft that I live in. Whether or not that happens is beside the point! You can totally go take your finals in sweats, but if you feel like trying that do take some tips from this Fashionista.

I would never suggest any outfit that’s overly dressy for taking exams; the goal for an outfit for something like this is easy. Keep it casual, cute and comfortable. This Fashionista achieved all three things with basic wardrobe necessities. She’s got high-waisted jeans, a striped shirt and sandals. Listing it out doesn’t make this outfit sound like much, but when put together it definitely makes for something stylish. I like the jeans because they look old school; they’re similar to something DJ would wear on Full House. They’re super cool looking and work with almost any body type because they are kind of baggy. For something like this, I would suggest thrifting; but as always, you can go the Urban Outfitters route since it’s easier to find.

I have a thing for minimalistic pieces. Black and white never seem to get old and you can’t go wrong when you wear stripes. By being the only pattern she’s wearing, the stripes are emphasized, which is usually the safe way to wear any pattern or print. You can get a shirt like this form Forever 21.

The way she added color to her outfit was brilliant. Her red shoes definitely brightened things up! There is a similar pair of sandals on FootSmart; they might be unappealing at first glance, but I have faith that they’d look killer with this outfit or anything similar!

One Simple Change: You Can make this an outfit for a date night by just playing it up a bit. You can wear some colored heels and a big statement necklace like this one from NASTY GAL!