WHAT TO WEAR: Fifty Shades of Brown

Living in a town where the weather is so unpredictable can be very difficult when it comes to fashion. One day it’s snowing with freezing temperatures and the next day it’s sunny and sixty-five degrees. I’m so used to seeing students dressed in either giant parkas or a T-shirt and running shorts. Although, the other day when I went to a local coffee shop, I spotted a Fashionista right away.

It was mid-fifty degree weather and sunny outside—the perfect temperature to show a little skin, but still stay warm. This trendy gal was on a coffee date with a friend when she caught my eye. Her monochromatic light brown outfit was the perfect outfit for such a hip setting. This outfit worked so well because of all the different textures and details she played up.

To start off simple, she wore a light, long sleeve sweater. To add a layer, she sported a brown faux fur suede sherpa vest. She tucked her light sweater into a cute brown button-up corduroy skirt. To really complete her “fifty shades of brown”, she wore a pair of brown open-toed leather booties. Although she wore all brown, I loved that she added a small green gem necklace to give her outfit a little pop of color.

This monochromatic head-to-toe outfit looks effortless because of all the different elements that are paired so well together. Each article of clothing balanced each other out by being unique. The suede sherpa vest, corduroy skirt, and leather open-toed booties are all diverse ensemble elements that when are paired right, can make an amazing outfit.

I’m glad that I found a fellow Fashionista that has inspired me to re-create such a chic look. I can’t wait to be on the look out for more fashion lovers!