WHAT TO WEAR: Fest Season

At Ohio University, spring can only mean one thing, Fest Season. Like many other college towns alike, during spring semester Athens, Ohio host a different block party every weekend until the ever popular music festival, #Fest. Many may be perplexed when trying to find a cute, yet casual outfit to wear to a street festival or block party, especially while fighting mother nature and tricky spring weather. As a lover of both fashion and fest season, I’m here to let all the Fashionistas/os know exactly what OU students are bringing to the Athens college town block parties this spring semester and how you can pull off these same looks at your own festivals.

With wicked weather and wild college students, it’s important to keep in mind that festivals can easily be muddy and messy. Flip flops and designer brands are not usually advised, which us college students who may be lacking in the financial department are probably okay with.

To start off this look, this Fashionista started with a graphic T-shirt, but with a twist. These lace up necklines have recently been made easily available by many different fast fashion retailers as well as small hometown shops. A D.A.R.E. T-shirt with a lace up neckline adds the perfect amount of grunge and personality to any look. Pick your own favorite brand, band, or college design to customize the look even more tailored to your festival.

To add to her outfit, a classic pair of light wash ripped jeans, Converse, and a studded choker were added.

It’s important to keep all your personal items safe all throughout a festival or block party, so for this look she used a small crossbody purse to keep some extra cash, keys, and lip gloss handy.

Whether your crowd surfing to Migos in Athens or swaying to Beyoncé at Coachella, sport this look and you’ll be looking #RAD all spring semester long.