WHAT TO WEAR: Fest Season

Happy March, Fashionistas/os! Here at Ohio University, March is one of the best months because it’s the official kick-off month for what we call “fest season!” Every bobcat is eager to get back to campus after spring break to start the fest season festivities. Up until finals week, each weekend consists of a block party on a different campus street. What I love most about fest season is that you can expect to find some of the most fun fashion looks! Although fest season is during spring semester, it can still be a bit chilly outside, so this Fashionista came up with the perfect look to be both comfortable and trendy while keeping warm.

My favorite part of this look has to be the distressed denim jacket! Whether you want a classic denim look or a pop of color, you are bound to stand out in a crowd of bobcats with this jacket. To help keep warm, this Fashionista is showing her school spirit by sporting an oversize sweatshirt from her high school. Feeling crafty? Take a plain oversize sweatshirt and add your own style to it—crop it, tie-dye it, anything you want to make it unique! One thing you cannot forget for fest season are comfy shoes—whether that be rain boots, converse, or your Adidas Superstars as seen on this Fashionista, you’ll thank yourself later. And for those chillier fest days, you’ll want to top off your look with a cute beanie like this Fashionista. She chose to spice up her look by rocking a jewelled beanie, but feel free to wear any hat that represents you, whether it be plain, embroidered, or no hat at all.

Fest season is the perfect time to have fun with your fashion looks. Have fun, be creative, but most importantly, be yourself! Happy spring, Fashionistas/os!