WHAT TO WEAR: Fashionable Finals

This best part about finals week, and arguably the only good part, aside from the moment it is over, is cozying up in your sweats to study. This is amazing in the winter when you already freezing, but finals week in the spring can be tricky, especially when summer weather is heading your way. To stay comfortable, but avoid looking weather confused, take some notes from this Fashionista.

Never underestimate the power of the all-season sweater because, really, everyone wants to be wearing a sweater all the time. Find an all-season sweater that is soft, but thin, allowing it to easily transition in different weather conditions. As for color, a light neutral is perfect, as it works for both summer and winter. It also gives you the freedom to add in seasonal colored accessories like floral sunnies.

Fashion is all about balance. If you are wearing a heavily patterned top, you’ll find it will look best with a solid bottom. This balancing act is key to the spring/summer trends. Fitted jeans or shorts, a regular staple, can be paired with flowy tops and flared sweaters. The outfit this Fashionista is wearing demonstrates this trend perfectly. With this sweater’s fitted arms and flared bottom, it can be cozy and casual as well as classroom approved.

The little things count. When wearing a typical winter piece, it is important that your accessories announce that you understand what season you are in. This Fashionista chose to make this clear, by wearing a small, earthy charm necklace, along with a trendy pair of floral sunglasses. Another suggestion would be strappy sandals or brightly colored nails. Finals week is hard enough, don’t let your outfit stress you out.