WHAT TO WEAR: Fashion Within First Impressions

Whether you have realized it or not, fashion is hidden in every single day that goes by. When you put something on, you’re doing so knowing people will see you in it, therefore making an impression on whoever you cross paths with. Fashion comes into play with almost every situation you can think of, especially with job interviews, auditions, meeting someone’s family, first dates, the list goes on and on. While going into all of these very different events, plenty of thought goes into what you should wear. Rummaging through your closet and asking yourself if that outfit is appropriate and suitable enough for whatever you’re attending, whether it be casual or business-related, and how said outfit will present you to your audience.

While attending a model call for a fashion class, this Fashionisto’s outfit stood out to me when he demonstrated his runway walk for his tryout. At a model call, what you wear is important to let whoever is evaluating you have a small sense of who you might be. However, it’s also imperative to ensure that the “judge” is able to see your body shape, so they know how they would dress you and what you would look like in the clothes you’re modeling. This outfit successfully carries that out, with ripped jeans that are the perfect medium between skinny and baggy, a plain black T-shirt to keep his look simple, and a light bomber jacket to provide flare and taste. He was able to express his personal style when it mattered and executed it in a way that didn’t say “I’m trying too hard.” But no outfit is complete without some black Dr. Martens boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and some bracelets for a little pop of fun!

Although this look was centered around a model call for a fashion show, it can work in almost any given situation: a day out with friends, going into the city or a night out, or even to class. The light wash jeans contrasted against the otherwise all-black outfit possesses an edgy and effortless look, exuding personal style and class for a solid first impression, no matter who it is.