WHAT TO WEAR: Falling Like Leaves

What did one leaf say to the other? “I think I’m falling for you!” (Candy) corny puns aside,  we can’t deny that leaves crunch with every step we take, people are bringing out their favorite scarves and boots, and the smell of pumpkin spice fills the air in these cold November days. Although he may not be sipping on a PSL, this Fashionisto knows how to embrace the fall weather and look stylish while doing so!

To start things off, this Fashionisto rocks a pair of khaki joggers, making his look appear dressy and laid back while he is comfy as can be. Joggers a great way to look cool and trendy while rolling up to your early morning lecture. Next, he throws on these stylish sneakers and leaves the laces untied—adding to his laid back vibe. Thirdly, this Fashionisto wears a vibrant, patterned blue button-down to add some color to this look; adding a statement color to a look composed of mainly neutrals really helps it stand out. Also, he matched his shirt with the blue detailing in his shoes—how awesome is that! Finally, this Fashionisto sports this awesome military style jacket to keep him warm on these cool November days. I love this jacket; it definitely adds a little Kanye-inspired edginess to any look while being practical and cozy.

To dress this look up a little bit, tuck in the shirt and trade out the joggers for a pair of khaki slacks—by switching out pants, you’ll go from lecture ready to date night ready! All you need is your killer smile and the ladies falling for you like leaves!