WHAT TO WEAR: Falling into Autumn

The summer is now drawing to an end as the scorching heat has gradually begun to subside and school is back in session. Thank you summer for all the good times, stylish outfits and special memories you have brought to us, but it is now time to shift our attention to one of my favorite seasons: fall. As the cool, breezy air begins to set upon us and the leaves begin to transform into beautiful shades of color, our wardrobes become more diversified with expanded style options.

As temperatures begin to drop, longer and thicker garments become more comfortable and appropriate to wear on a daily basis. Jackets can be more frequently incorporated into outfits, and the technique of layering emerges. Whether it is using the recently popularized extra-long T-shirt or a slim, simple dress, layering adds an additional dimension to a Fashionista’s or Fashionisto’s outfit. In addition, the color scheme in the fall can also bring versatility to the many garments in one’s wardrobe. Substituting the vibrant summer colors for more reserved and rich earth tones helps to compliment the shades of the changing environment.

This month’s Fashionista is seen sporting a simple, yet elegant and deceivingly warm army green corduroy dress with her denim jacket. Because it is early fall, it is important to avoid over-layering an outfit and becoming uncomfortable. This is why a light jacket that can be taken off and tied around the waist is a safe piece to choose at the moment. Furthermore, the brown ankle boots are perfect for autumn, as they go well with the earth tones of almost any fall outfit and are a stylish alternative to the more winterized knee-high boots.

As the days become chillier and the sun sets earlier, don’t be afraid to pull out the snug fleeces and warm jackets. Exchange those warm colors for some sophisticated earth tones to assemble the cozy look you desire. As comfort should always be a top priority, it is important to make sure that you also feel good in addition to looking good. Since temperatures are only beginning to drop, don’t overdo it! There will be plenty of other opportunities to experiment with more intricate outfits.