WHAT TO WEAR: "Fall"ing For This Weather

November 10th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: "Fall"ing For This Weather

IT’S FALL Y’ALL! The weather is getting breezy, and it’s about time we snatch those comfy and cute sweaters from the back of our closets. Although it might not be super chilly, adding a fun sweater or cardigan over a sundress gives you the best of both worlds! Combining your warm and cold weather looks creates the perfect cool weather look.

You may think that this “not too hot” but “not too cold” time of year might make it difficult to pick out the perfect outfit, but you’d be surprised. Layering gives you room to have fun and add your own style to your outfits. Don’t forget that it’s also the best excuse to keep wearing your cute summer dresses just a little bit longer.

This Fashionista is a boho babe! A simple, solid colored T-shirt dress can save any day! This versatile piece of clothing is necessary for any and every wardrobe. Layered with a tribal print cardigan, this look is effortlessly adorable!

You can’t forget about the details! These adorable vintage booties scream “fall.” As comfortable as they are cute, these shoes are to die for! The small wedge is subtle but it makes the entire outfit a little more dressed up and put together. Throw on some jewelry and you are set! It’s another season, and the choker trend is still killing it! This specific choker is similar to a bolo tie, which pairs perfectly with simpler bracelets like the ones here.

This girl is FALLing for this weather and all of the new and exciting trends that come with the changing of the leaves! It might be cooling down, but these outfits are heating up! I can’t wait to see more trendy looks around campus. Happy fall, and happy dressing everyone!