WHAT TO WEAR: “Falling” for Fall

For as long as I could remember, I’ve been a fan of back-to-school time. Going back to school means reuniting with friends you haven’t seen all summer, and jumping into the best season of the year, fall! Fall time comes with, in my opinion, the best fashion. Being able to throw on tights with dresses and layering them with cozy cardigans and furry boots is spectacular. Even though we haven’t hit that kind of fall weather here in Providence, it hasn’t stopped people from incorporating fall colors into their outfits.

My lovely model here threw on a burgundy shift dress, riddled with bohemian details all throughout. Another thing I love about this time of year is bohemian style. Even though most people believe bohemian fashion thrives during the summer, I’m a firm believer that the best time to wear flowy dresses and ripped up sweaters is during the fall. It’s also a great time to break out the dark nail colors and fall bags. Add some trendy sunglasses to protect your eyes from those vibrant autumn sunsets, and you are all set to jump in the leaves.

With that being said, this kind of outfit is the perfect way to transition into fall if you aren’t fully ready to commit to the sweaters and hot apple cider. Walking around campus, you’ll notice how free flowing wearing a shift dress really is! Strutting your stuff around campus will be easy to do when comfortable and confident. Another plus about fall shift dresses is that no one can tell that you just ate five apple cider doughnuts, which is always a plus!

So enjoy the start of fall on your respective campuses, and sip that pumpkin spice latte with pride! Remember to jump in the fresh puddles, smell the leaves changing and curl up with a good book. It’s only here for ninety days, so enjoy it while it lasts. The winter chill is just around the corner!