WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Over All

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The transition from summer to fall, in terms of weather, is a bit slow here in Florida. While it has gotten a little cooler outside, we can’t exactly break out our chunky knit sweaters just yet. Therefore layering is key. Versatile pieces you can easily take on and off such as jackets, scarves and cardigans are essential since the weather can change pretty quickly.

Overalls are the perfect fall transition piece, and it appears this Fashionista happens to agree. In case you haven’t noticed, the revival of the ’90s is in full swing and has been for some time now. Fashion is incredibly cyclical after all. Overalls have repositioned themselves from the ’90s to now. They have completely transformed into a chic, fashion-forward wardrobe staple. The biggest difference between then and now is the way they fit. They’ve become less baggy and more tapered, making them a whole lot more flattering. Paired with the right top and accessories, overalls can be just as basic as a pair of jeans.

Comfort is something that means a lot to us college students. I strive to find clothes I can throw on for my 8 a.m. and still look effortlessly fashionable. Therefore I am obsessed with this Fashionista’s casual, yet cool outfit. Her black denim overalls look perfect paired with a slightly off-the-shoulder top. The hat pulls everything together and elevates the look. To complement the casual vibe of the overalls, she opted for a pair of Vans. This outfit could be worn to class, a concert or any weekend gallivanting.

Overall, a good pair of overalls is always necessary.