WHAT TO WEAR: Fall into Camo

This month we have a trend setter who is all about the neutral tones that are in season. Using the camouflage jacket as his statement piece, this Fashionista stands out in the crowd. His jacket is from a thrift store in New York City which he brought from home. Thrifting has had a huge impact in fashion, bringing back old trends and starting new ones. His jacket is perfect for the transition between summer and fall. When the weather gets colder it will allow him to layer this piece with sweaters and shirts. Whoever said black and brown aren’t allowed to mix in an outfit is wrong. The camouflage jacket is the perfect way to include both colors. The oversized aspect of the jacket is also a flashback to the ’90s as everything was oversized then. Do we see camouflage cargo pants in the near future?

He also shows off a fall trend, that in my opinion will never go away; layering. He layers his jewelry, adding two necklaces and multiple rings. Every person has their go-to accessory and these pieces are his. They hold a special meaning to him and just so happen to work with every outfit he puts on.

Underneath his jacket, he has on an olive T-shirt with black sleeves, khaki pants and a brown belt. Notice how all the colors do not match, but he somehow create an effortless look. These neutral tones work amazing together and are just the thing to start autumn fashion off.