WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Internship

WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Internship

With November on us, we have all been expecting some colder weather, but (un)fortunately we have been given some 60-degree weather that leaves us trying to decide what to wear every day. You wake up wondering if jeans are acceptable or should if you should just throw on a dress. Half of the time, I want to break out the shorts and flip-flops, which I know, totally not acceptable here in New England and the other half I am ready for a winter jacket and scarves. You have to find the happy medium between fall and not dying of a heat stroke. I suggest looking into color choices, with maroon, hunter green and ivory being the main fall colors this year. I would also look into accessories, like this Fashionista did.

If you look at this Fashionista, we notice she was trying to pull together fall and heat into one fashionable outfit, all while looking professional. She took a dark grape, long-sleeve dress, which is a unique and stylish fall piece and paired it will tall brown boots to ensure a fall look. One thing you notice as you get into November, is that brown boots are a must-have in every closet. Whether you are going out on the town in heeled brown booties or you are going to class in a pair of tall brown boots with little to no heel. They are a fall staple, as this Fashionista shows us here.

Next, you notice this Fashionista pulls together the whole look with a statement necklace. The bright pink in the necklace, really helps to lighten the dark tones in the outfit. I think that it is important to mix the right accessories with your outfits, sometimes that is the personality in an outfit. You can’t forget to put your personality into your outfit and express yourself through-out!

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