WHAT TO WEAR: Fall For That Vest

I must confess that I am a huge fan of accessories. Now that cooler weather is coming, I can not wait to break out some of my favorites. I absolutely love vests and think that they are the perfect statement piece for fall and even winter, depending on the temperature. Not only is a vest a great statement piece, but also perfect for warmth and layering purposes. Everything has a time and a place to be worn, and throughout this article I will make some suggestions as to how Fashionistas/os can utilize a vest, based on what is best for one’s style.

The denim trend of the 1970s has made a huge comeback for 2016-2017. Denim is known for everything from jeans to tops, dresses, vests and jackets. Vogue magazine has supported the stylish comeback of denim as a return from the 1970s fad. Worn by our Fashionista, this trendy outfit pictured above is chic, yet timeless. It is perfect for any fall adventure.

The denim dress featured in this month’s blog is perfect for any crisp fall day. Paired with the romper is a black faux fur vest, which is perfect for layering purposes. It is a great look when the beautiful colors of fall are in full swing. The vest adds a mix of texture, which enhances the look to make it a bit more upscale while still providing a fun seasonal look. The black booties scream fall and help to pull together the entire ensemble. The best part of this look is that it is versatile, making it perfect for work, school, brunch or a day in the city.

A vest is an easy addition to an outfit, whether it be for fashion purposes or warmth. A simple way to incorporate a vest into an outfit can be wearing an oversized sweater with denim or colored jeans and boots. Another look anyone can wear can be a button-down shirt with khaki pants or denim jeans and boots. A vest can be worn in a multitude of ways, and Fashionistas and Fashionistos can not go wrong with what they choose to put together with the accessory.