WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Colors

I am featuring this cutie’s fall themed ensemble this month–my roommate! After living with her for the past couple of months, I have to come to notice how well she dresses for any occasion. Whether that be an outfit for a typical day in class, an outfit for a Thursday night out, and outfits prepared for the rain or shine.

Here in Fullerton, it is usually hot weather for the most part! Although, the past few days it has been rather gloomy. My roomies and I are loving cuddling up to watch movies while it sprinkles rain outside, because in Southern California, we aren’t used to having this cozy, brisk fall weather.

I told her to dress in an outfit that she believes reflects her personal style. I was excited when she came out wearing these warm-toned colors because her outfit is perfect for the fall time! Since we do not get winters here in Southern California like those who live in colder climate areas, we O.C. girls tend to be envious of those who get to bundle up in cozy sweaters, scarves, and hats during the holiday season. We do not get this kind of weather, so we have to be creative during the holiday season with our outfits to set that fall mood. That is why incorporating warm-toned colors, light sweaters and booties are perfect for the season.

Her outfit is perfect because it is effortless enough to wear to class if she wanted, or fashionable enough to wear out to dinner. Her light gray sweater is perfect for the weather, and the colors scream fall time. Like I said, she always knows what to wear for any occasion.