WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Coffee Date

With the crisp, cold weather rolling in, dressing nice and fashionable can become harder and harder.  When I notice the temperature starting to drop, I just want to bundle up in any warm clothes I can find. Throwing on a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt and heading out into the cool air can seem very tempting.  It’s possible to dress cute while still being warm though.  In fact, the changing colors of the leaves and fall decorations popping up everywhere can be inspiration for some awesome outfits.  So take advantage of this beautiful time of the year and put together some adorable outfits!

The perfect occasion to wear a fall-inspired outfit would be out on a coffee date.  Whether you are meeting some of your friends for a steaming cup of joe or going out on a date to get to know someone you really like, looking cute is a must.  I caught up with this Fashionista outside an off-campus coffee shop looking perfect for a fall date.  She embodies the idea of staying warm yet still dressing fashionable. Her long sleeved, off-the-shoulder sweater is perfect for this time of the year.  It could easily be layered with a shirt or flannel underneath for an even warmer look.  This Fashionista paired the oatmeal-colored sweater with some skinny, high-rise jeans from Madewell.  For footwear, she mixed the laid-back look of the jeans with a nicer pair of plain, black booties by Marc Fisher.  To pull together the oatmeal sweater, blue jeans and black shoes, this Fashionista accessorized with a black Western styled necklace, a black kate spade satchel and a cream and black Banana Republic felt hat.  The most essential accessory of the whole look, though, might be the hot, latte macchiato keeping her hands warm.

So fellow Fashionistas/os, my advice for you as we enter fall is to embrace the changing season, dress up in a fall-inspired outfit and head out to your local coffee shop to get your caffeine fix!