Technically, the fall semester is in full swing, but the weather obviously hasn’t caught up with our academic calendars. (Is anyone else suffering from this heat while walking to class?) We’re in that transitional stage of the fashion season, where, from the depths of our souls, we want to be wrapped up in the latest fall layer. In actuality, we all know the difficulty of mixing fall fashion forecasts with 90-degree weather. We have to go to class, but you could easily find yourself chilling poolside or hitting up a street festival. So, what’s a Fashionista/o to do? I got my answer when I ran into this Fashionista, looking like she was about to hit up a music festival (plot twist: she was actually going to study).

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous tie-dye printed skirt from a consignment shop in Chapel Hill, called Rumors. I do believe that I’ve mentioned my addiction to prints, right? Everything about her outfit screamed ‘summertime fun,’ from the crop top and free flowing skirt to the ever-so cute, comfortable and practical Chacos. I was already in love with her outfit and then I got a closer look at her accessories: pretty rings with an edgy manicure. Her outfit was everything that you could ever want from summer—fun, easy and colorful.

One Simple Change: Since the days of beach trips and music festivals are winding down, we have to come back to reality. Throwing a denim jacket over this outfit is all that you need to survive the arctic blast that is the AC of your classroom, while still enjoying the vibrancy of your summer wardrobe.