The worst part about summer is that it unfortunately ends. However, there is still much to look forward to as fall is right around the corner, which means exciting new classes, the chance to meet new people and the opportunity to wear cute outfits!

My favorite part of fall is that it isn’t too hot or too cold, just right. This is why I love this Fashionista’s outfit. She still brings in the thrill of summer with a floral dress but also ties in fall with colorful leggings and a cozy cardigan. Sometimes the weather can have many personalities! If it gets too hot, no problem, just take off the cardigan and wear the dress without leggings. If it is a little colder, wear a heavier cardigan and some great booties.

Dark colors are also great for fall; try purple leggings like this Fashionista. Not quite ready to give up on summer colors yet? Pair your leggings with some strappy sandals that have a pop of color. This Fashionista pairs her purple leggings with mint sandals and light blue nail polish. These fun colors still bring some summer fun into fall.

The last fun piece of this outfit that makes it great for fall is her cardigan. Cardigans are a very versatile item you can add to almost any outfit. Try a lighter weight cardigan for the first few weeks of fall, then a heavier weight as the season gets colder. Think about using a cardigan with buttons so in case it is chilly, you can always close it up!

One Simple Change: Add a pair of heels to take this look from walking to class in the fall, to having a girl’s night out!