If you’re from the northeastern region, you know we’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty mild fall thus far. But unfortunately that warm streak seems to be coming to an end and as the temperature drops, the layers add on.

Don’t let this fall weather break your bank though! There are plenty of ways to stay trendy and warm on a budget, it may just take a little creativity and a little rummaging through your local thrift stores. You’d be surprised by the amounts of treasure pieces you can find at thrift stores. Believe it or not, but most of my favorite flannels and sweaters came from the men’s section at numerous thrift shops.

This Fashionista is all about the thrifted attire this season as well. She says, “Sometimes you find some great things and sometimes you strike out and don’t find anything but it’s all a part of the experience,” and I couldn’t agree more with her statement. Once you find that first perfect item for under $5, you’ll be hooked on the trend too.

This Fashionista was wearing this outfit on her way to class. It’s simple, comfy and super affordable. The pieces from her outfit that are thrifted are her boots, sweater and her awesome distressed denim jacket. She detailed her outfit with some double stripe socks, a cable knit scarf and her everyday jewelry.

When you’re done with class and want to go grab some food with the girls, trade in those leggings for your favorite pair of denim, making the perfect denim on denim look!