Fall fashion is my favorite because the color black is always a primary color, and black makes you look absolutely fierce. I am not sure if it is the color of those black leggings that are always a go-to, or if I am just in love with black because it goes with everything. Everyday I walk campus and I see the color black everywhere. This fashion diva makes black just look like perfection. Wearing certain outfits just sets a certain tone and sends a certain message. This is such a chic look, and it is so easy to go to for a cold fall day.

Denim is also perfect for fall, and there is nothing better than putting on a denim jacket over a crop top. What I adore about this outfit the most is that it is so simple to put together, and it can transcend the look for an everyday wear to class. The boots are a must-have for fall because of the color. They go with everything! When this Fashionista wears these boots, she is saying “I am very stylish, and I am also warm for when the cold comes for fall.” In my opinion, these boots speak louder than words, and they send an I am a diva message.

For all cases of fashion, there is nothing more comfortable than a combination of a denim jacket and a crop top. My recommendation is if you do not have the combo, get it now. This crop top is so perfect because the occasions you can wear this to are unlimited: fall, class and even a night on the town. Lastly, add on a dark shade of lipstick, and you are ready for fall. Dark lipsticks are so perfect for fall.