Most people see fall clothing as ashy browns, mellow yellows and burnt oranges. However, I don’t see why black can’t be just as perfect for the changing of the seasons. Especially since it’s that time when you pull out your favorite leather jacket that has been in storage for far too long. Everybody knows the most important part about dressing for fall is layers on layers. Mainly because the days start out chilly while the afternoon can get toasty. It is best to have different layers on in order to coordinate with the inconsistency of the weather.

Fall in Michigan is something of a dream. Although we wished that the fall weather lasted a bit longer, now is the perfect time of the year to slowly transition your summer outfits into your winter outfits. You can still keep your T-shirts and tennis shoes out of storage but you will need to add jackets and long pants or joggers to keep warm. This Fashionisto perfected the fall look with a pleated leather jacket and a knit infinity scarf from Zara. The edgiest part of the outfit is the pleather joggers. Joggers are all the rage for both men and women alike. The great thing about the piece is how versatile they can be whether it be for a dressy or casual occasion.

In my opinion, fall colors are all fine and dandy, but taking the idea of layering and adding your own little edge with black and white can take your style to the next level. Lastly, don’t forget about accessorizing the outfit with pieces that most represent you. This Fashionista added a classic pocket watch necklace to the mix, a pair of all white leather converse high-tops and reflective Ray-Ban aviators.

One Simple Change: With winter right around the corner, it will be easy to warm this look up. Just add a camel peacoat for the top and some combat boots for the snow.