December 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Unlike last year, this fall season has been relatively mild in temperature. With some days rising well into the mid 60’s here in New York City, it is not quite as necessary to bundle up in endless layers. That being said, you can get away with showing some more skin this fall without completely freezing.

This Fashionista does just that, as she rocks a mini skirt, showing off her legs and tiny figure, even in the beginning of December. She wears a boxy Guns N’ Roses sweatshirt on top, perfectly contrasting her body hugging skirt and giving her outfit rocker-chic edginess. This cozy sweatshirt keeps her warm, making it appropriate to bare her legs in the middle of the fall season. She dons an all-black outfit, a color scheme often seen on the streets of New York City.

Although this Fashionista dresses in all-black basics, she accessorizes in style, adding some cool pieces to truly make her outfit. Around her neck, she ties a beige and black skull and bones scarf. This complements her Guns N’ Roses sweatshirt, further exuding that edgy vibe. On her feet, she sports some snakeskin, pointed toe shoes. These little booties are a major focal point in her outfit, sure to attract the attention of any fellow Fashionista/o on the street. This season, we have seen a lot of pointed toe shoes, as they exude a super sleek look, immediately dressing up any outfit. This Fashionista’s accessorizing takes her outfit to the next level, converting it from a casual, comfy outfit, to an edgier, dressier look, perfect for almost any occasion.

So, this fall, don’t be afraid to bare some skin. If the temperature permits it, then why not? Do as this Fashionista does and pair a tiny skirt with some other warmer pieces, such as a sweatshirt, a cozy scarf, or a sweater.

One Simple Change: So you’re going out tonight and the temperature just dropped 10 degrees, but it actually feels like it dropped 30 degrees? Not a problem. Swap out the black skirt for some black leather pants. This simple change will keep you much warmer than a skirt, while still keeping that cool rocker girl look going.