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November 10th, 2015 at 2:06am

Here in Ohio, the fall season is upon us. Wind has begun to whip through the open crevices of all outfits worn on campus, and outerwear has become essential. The time has come to put away our favorite crop top and shorts combinations, and swap them out for jackets and long bottoms. Besides the colorful leaves the season brings, I also look forward to bundling up and pairing my favorite jackets and boots together.

I caught this Fashionista as she was on her way to a model call for an upcoming fashion show on campus. I was immediately drawn to the extraordinary collar on her coat and the monochromatic tones of the rest of her outfit. Coats like hers contain one of my favorite features: pockets. As college students we have so much on our minds and person, so things tend to get lost easily especially in the fall. From gloves to chapstick, any little items are bound to slip through our fingers—and backpacks.

One characteristic of any well put-together outfit is the repetition of color. In this particular example, black is used to anchor this Fashionista’s outfit with the use of a black scarf, pants and boots. She remains chic and put together, but is still casual in an envious way. When I scour campus in search of a stylish Fashionista/o, I often find myself being attracted to the people who are wearing something similar to what I own in my closet or those that are on the complete opposite of the spectrum. This Fashionista falls into the latter, and as we speak, I’m searching for the perfect pair of chunky boots similar to hers. That’s what I call fall-spiration!

One Simple Change: To tone this outfit down and make it more wearable for class, swapping out the chunky platform boots for a nice flat knee-high boot could alleviate the stress on your feet as you walk on campus!