November 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

As the leaves change color and the temperature drops, the Fashionistas/os come out to play on the IU campus. Fall not only brings beautiful colors around Bloomington, Indiana, but it also brings the return of riding boots and army jackets.

The crisp fall mornings of IU require all Fashionistas/os to wear some sort of jacket to protect themselves from the Midwest winds. This Fashionista is wearing a perfect fall jacket: the army jacket, otherwise; known as a cargo jacket. Made with material that’s not too heavy, this jacket is the quintessential outerwear for the fall. What really stood out to me with this Fashionista was that her jacket isn’t the army green, but it’s a unique navy blue color.

Along with the jacket, this Fashionista is wearing brown riding boots, another fall essential. When paired with jeans, riding boots look very sleek and that’s exactly the look that this Fashionista achieves. In a campus that’s populated with Fashionistas/os using backpacks, it’s a nice chance of pace to see this Fashionista using a tote bag. I’m a huge fan of the tote bag because there’s never any question of whether or not something will fit into the bag. I love the tote that this Fashionista chose because it’s a classic black that can be used every day instead of having to transfer bags all the time.

As fall approaches in Bloomington, remember not to be afraid to experiment with styles. Take a cue from this Fashionista and layer, layer, layer. Stay warm, Hoosiers.

One Simple Change: Going pumpkin picking with friends after class? Transfer that tote bag for a cross-body with only the essentials. Also, take off the army jacket and show off your fashionable vest, but be careful not to dirty that white T-shirt.