Some things just make sense together. Whether it’s peanut butter and jelly or Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the general population can agree that some things go hand in hand. When it comes to fall, some people might think pumpkin spice lattes and UGGs, but I think muted colors and plaid! This Fashionista paired a mustard yellow sweater with high-waisted plaid trousers. She is also wearing menswear-inspired oxfords, an item I’ve been coveting myself. As any college student knows, the struggle of finding a book bag that is both functional and stylish is too real. For the days you don’t need to bring eight binders, your laptop and a smattering of oddly sized art supplies, a mid-sized black bag such as this one is perfect. Despite not being a fan of wearing much jewelry myself, I can’t deny that this Fashionista’s gorgeous statement necklace is the perfect finishing touch for this look.

Fall in Ohio means waking up every morning never really knowing what you’re going to get weather wise. It could be overcast sweater weather, raining and really cold or pleasant and in the 70s. On this particular day, it was idyllic sweater weather, so what better kind of day to wear a sweater! It’s still not too cold, so showing some ankle is still within the realm of sane things to do. If you’re anything like me, if the weather permits exposing ankle, nine out of ten times you will take advantage of the opportunity—I’m a big supporter of both cropped pants and the pants cuffing movement.

One Simple Change: If you want to take this look from fall classes to browsing the library on the weekend before it gets too cold, swap out the sweater for a simple T-shirt in white or heather grey. You’ll look put together but still casual enough to justify a mellow weekend sipping tea in a café while doing some pleasure reading.