October 23rd, 2015 at 2:10am

Alas! My favorite time of year has finally arrived! Sweater weather is upon us and I could not be more excited about its return. Let us take a moment of silence to appreciate the beautiful season of fall while it lasts and try not to think about the dreaded winter to come. Getting to my point, the Fashionisto I have featured here effortlessly embodies fall and what one should wear during this glorious season.

This Fashionisto is sporting black jeans and a navy blue button-down shirt. Not only do the small, white polka-dots on his shirt provide subtle detail, but they also contrast the dark, autumnal color palette of the outfit. His Dr. Martens are perfect fall boots: they are both sturdy and warm, just in case the weather gets particularly chilly. In addition, he is wearing a cream windbreaker. This article of clothing has two useful functions: it gives his ensemble a pop of color and protects him from fall’s often unpredictable gusts of wind. Lastly, the Fashionisto personalizes this look with his Warby Parker eyeglasses. They are quirky, timeless and I want them. It is times like these that I curse my 20/20 vision.

One Simple Change: If you switch the jacket from a windbreaker to a sharp blazer, you can easily transform this casual daytime outfit into a sophisticated nighttime look. If it is too cold outside for just a blazer, then you can wear layers: a button-down shirt, followed by a blazer and then top it off with a heavier coat to keep you warm.