October 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

This fashionable Fashionisto has fall all figured out, and I am falling in love with it. See what I did there?

This Fashionisto obviously knows what colors are in and how to properly assemble an outfit. His caramel loafers and khaki pants make for a relaxed mood around him. The colors in the khaki pants flow well into his button-down shirt. There are tones of caramel stripes in his shirt, while the blue and pink stripes keep your eye distracted from its wrinkled appearance. Tip: you can not always get away with wrinkles, but if you must, then make sure the piece of clothing is busy enough that the wrinkles are hardly noticeable.

His accessories include a hat, watch and bracelet. As much as I am skeptical of fedoras, I have to admit that the fedora definitely does something for the outfit, and is this Fashionisto’s signature look. Sometimes a fedora is better than a baseball hat, and this is definitely one of those times. Look out for a wool hat that you can call your own, such as this one. The Fashionisto tells me he has a collection of cheap watches just so he can easily swap them from day to day to match an outfit. The watch this Fashionisto is wearing is called Unlisted, and a similar one can be brought here. The gold bracelet is a nice touch as it complements the caramel colors in his outfit.

One Simple Change: How do we go from fall to winter? In this case, simply add a coat. The wool hat is a good transitioning piece, and its black color will invite a new black coat. Such a coat can be brought here.