October 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello Fashionistas/os! It’s finally fall! This Fashionisto is ready for the new season. Summer is over, and pants are being brought out of the closet. The temperature is perfect for layers and shirts. This fall outfit is something this Fashionisto can wear any day, and he enjoys wearing these relaxed kind of outfits to class.

You can get this look by wearing either a plain or graphic tee under a button-up shirt. This Fashionisto chose a salmon colored shirt, which is a fleshy color and a shade of red that is fitting for fall colors. Fall colors tend to be more natural and earthy in comparison to summer colors, and his outfit has the perfect mix of subtle, soft tones with a mix of dark, bold colors to create an intriguing, yet mellow look. The tan khaki color of his pants corresponds well with his button-up, and they are loose for a cozy fit and relaxed vibe. His hat is a fun blue that adds a little extra color to his outfit yet still coordinates well with the salmon and khaki. Along with the hat, he accessorizes his outfit further with a pair of sunglasses tucked away in his shirt pocket and his basic, black watch. His black shoes harmonize well with his color scheme, and they are appropriate for his laid back look.

One Simple Change: One way to change up this outfit is by changing the style of shirt. I would recommend wearing a flannel to keep you warm in the cool, fall temperatures as the season progresses. By changing the button up shirt with the rolled sleeves and a t-shirt underneath to a flannel, the outfit becomes less casual and warmer. This could be an outfit you would want to wear to a nicer event or even just as the season transitions from fall to winter. You could even layer the outfit he has on now more with a jacket or flannel on top to keep the comfortable feel, but it would protect him from the colder weather.