October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s finally October and all anyone can talk about is pumpkin-flavored everything or the new fall Starbucks cup. However, for us college Fashionistas, it means something so much more: our fall wardrobe is finally back! We get to sport muted colors and most importantly, layers. The heat of the summer has overstayed its welcome so celebrate the cool weather by dusting off those boots and sweaters. This Fashionista did exactly that and looked perfectly put together while doing it.

This look may be simple, but it also gives a vibe that she tried (and succeeded) to look trendy for class. It is so easy to be stylish this fall because all you need is three items: a comfy and flowy sweater, a pair of boots and cozy socks. She proves that there is no excuse to be anything but fashionable this fall since you already have these items in your closet.

Her sweater is from Free People and while the color she has on is amazing (and complements her hair color perfectly), it is no longer featured on the website. Don’t fret though, since there are many more lovely colors to choose from that are just as great for this season. What is perfect about this sweater is that it is both cute and comfy. She has the benefit of feeling like she is wearing her favorite worn in sweatshirt but everyone else is impressed she actually got dressed this morning, basically the best of both worlds!

She then paired her adorable sweater with a pair of classic combat boots. I love how hers contrasted with the rest of her outfit, but what really brought everything together was her socks. Her boot socks added more texture to her outfit while giving her the added benefit of keeping her feet warm. This Fashionista is starting fall off right with this outfit and I can’t wait to see the rest of the outfits this season has in store.

One Simple Change: Fall will unfortunately end quicker than we realize but don’t worry since it is easy to take this outfit to the winter season. When the temperatures start to drop, add gloves and a cute knitted hat or headband that match your socks to tie everything together. And if you live in a place where you can’t escape the cold, add a vest or a coat to keep you warm during that long walk to class.