October 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Welcome to fall, lovely readers! The season of Starbucks holiday drinks, sweater weather and comfort food is hard to beat. On a not so sunny note, the school year is in full swing. Us college students have not only ordered our books, but have also gone through a box of highlighters. The only way to prepare for the school year ahead, in my opinion, is to have a truly incredible wardrobe as your ultimate backup.

This Fashionista is ready to conquer fall in style. There are certain elements that are crucial to any woman’s closet. A blazer is one of those pieces. Are you in a hurry and have a pile of clothes that has already accumulated on your bed? Go straight for the blazer. It is sophisticated and is an easy finish to a number of pieces.

There is also a debate in the color department when it comes to fall. The conversation about whether or not white really ends after Labor Day has never truly had an end point. This Fashionista portrays the “pro” side, utilizing a prime example of how the color can be worn year-round. White is notably associated with summer because it is light and works well in the heat. Yet what I feel is an underrated argument is how well the color can work against the color palette in the coming months. If you are feeling bold and want to try out white this season, pair it with bold shades of pink and blue like this Fashionista so that shiny white has its moment.

So grab something pumpkin spiced and head to the stores. It is fall, and we are all celebrating!

One Simple Change: Have an interview coming up? Swap out the blue jeans for a pair of black jeans, or if you are looking for a more feminine look, try out a pencil skirt.