It’s finally that time of the year when the leaves begin to fall, the air starts to feel crisp and those wonderful fall colors make their way out of your closet. We are in that beginning stage of October, which means the mornings are cool but the afternoons are still unpredictable with those random spurts of warm weather. In my opinion, this kind of weather calls for layers, layers and more layers!

This Fashionisto decided to stick with breathtaking theme of fall and go with an outfit that brought together more of the gray and navy earthy tones, creating a great contrast. I am usually more fond of the olive green and cranberry fall colors, but he put a great twist on welcoming fall. Starting with a gray toned skinny pant he paired the perfect checkered navy and white button-up long sleeved shirt as a base. On top of the button up, he put on a navy vest creating the perfect layered look! For those even more brisk days, he topped off the perfect fall look with a gray tone, lightweight jacket.

Not only does this Fashionisto already look amazing, we cannot forget his distressed brown boots that pull this entire look together!

One Simple Change: If the weather is as unpredictable as it always is, sometimes in the middle of October it will start to get warm again. Instead of the button down shirt and vest, you could pair the jacket with a nice V-neck sweater to still create a toned down, layered look.