November 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

As we all know by this point, the ’70s are really trending right now. While I have loved the bohemian dresses, platform heels and suede mini skirts that took over street style in NYC in the warmer parts of fall, it’s already become too cold for short dresses and skirts. We’ve seemingly skipped right over fall and instead ran headfirst into winter. With temperatures already below the 50s, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

This Fashionista clearly knows how to make the weather work in her favor. High-waisted flared jeans in a medium blue wash make her legs look slimmer, especially when paired with heels. A small rip in the knee keeps the look fresh and edgy. A fur vest does more than add warmth; the brown hues are both playful and chic.

This Fashionista proves that black and brown can be worn together. A simple black tank top doesn’t distract from the rest of the look, and the black belt, shoes and hat pull it all together. The big, gold buckle on the belt adds a final touch of ’70s glamour.

As for hair and makeup, this Fashionista opted for a natural beauty look. Long, sleek and shiny hair pairs well with the furry vest and doesn’t distract from the effortlessness of the rest of the look. Flawless skin, a touch of blush and a swipe of nude lipstick create a perfect canvas, so her eyes can steal the show. A subtle smoky eye works for daytime and can be darkened for nighttime, while a few coats of mascara make for fluttery, long lashes.

One Simple Change: For even colder weather, the tank top underneath can be switched out for a sweater. Just make sure it’s slim fitting because you don’t want too much volume on top.