It’s starting to smell like fall. That earthy smell with just a hint of campfire is so close and I can’t wait for that scent to fill the air everyday. We’re now going on the third week of September and the weather here in Pittsburgh has yet to fully commit to one season. The mornings are brisk, but by the time your last class gets out, it’s 80 degrees. This unpredictable weather means an outfit with layers is essential and this Fashionistas white and blue contrast gets it just right.

This look is such an eye catcher. None of the individual pieces are too flashy or bold, but you definitely notice the outfit. The bright white and dark blue work great together in this outfit and the layers are great for the fickle fall weather.

The Fashionistas white sweater and jeans are a combination I wouldn’t normally find myself loving (I prefer all black ensembles), but she does it well. The sweater is relatively thick, making it perfect for chilly mornings, but the chunky knit means it’s still fairly breathable. The zippers on the bottom of the jeans are a nice touch of metal, which nicely complements the Fashionista’s silver necklace and earrings. As for the blue pieces, I totally envy the denim jacket. I’ve never found one that fits me quite right and I’ve got major jacket envy with this Fashionista. Her metallic blue Birkenstocks keep with the blue theme, but add a new shade of the color into the mix, keeping things interesting.

Outfits with layers are so important for fall. You’ll be thankful for the extra layer on your walk to class, but it’ll feel great to have a lighter option underneath just in case. Dressing for fall, especially in the Midwest/East Coast, means being prepared. As someone who has lived in the Midwest for her whole life, trust me, you’ll always want an extra layer or two and probably an umbrella as well.

One Simple Change: Switching out the Birkenstocks for heeled booties makes this look perfect for a concert. Chic boots will add a little bit of edge to the look and the extra height won’t be too bad either. A black pair would look stellar or even a leopard print pair.