Fall is here. Even though it officially doesn’t come until September twenty-third, you can feel the change of season all around here in New York City. The leaves are falling and the wind is blowing cool crisp air. It is such a beautiful change and something I love to see happening when September hits. Fall fashion is coming where we transition from trying to fight the heat to staying warm as the temperature cools down.

Fall is one of those transitional seasons to me. It is getting cooler, but it still feels warmer than the season that follows which is winter. I love seeing all the fashion changes. This Fashionisto is rocking that fall attire. He is simple, yet has the perfect outfit for the weather. It is a sunny day ,adding warmth, but because of the cool air we still need to keep warm. He decides to mix blue and purple. The jeans and the jacket matches each other allowing for a cohesive color scheme throughout the outfit. The purple shirt is my favorite thing by adding the jacket it helps to layer the outfit which is perfect for fall. The outfit overall is casual and comfy. His sneakers have light colors to them and they match with the blue all over his outfit.

One Simple Change: The outfit is perfect for fall but can also be changed to be worn in the summer. Substitute the jeans for a pair of light colored shorts and ditch the jacket. You have a simple change that will make the outfit perfect for the hot weather. The light colors won’t attract the summer heat making it a great outfit to wear season to season.