September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we still don’t have a few hot days ahead of us (fingers crossed). Getting back to school and settling into a routine again can sometimes be a little difficult. But fall semester is definitely the best semester to start school off again. Everyone feels nice and refreshed from a well deserved break and the air is filled with exciting stories from summer adventures. Campus is filled with new and old faces ready to take on the year in style.

Flare is back! Although skinny jeans temporarily took over for a little while, flare jeans still remain quite popular. For my fellow short girls out there, a nice thing about jeans with a flare at the bottom is that they create an illusion of a longer leg! Pairing it with some wedge sandals can also help with this illusion. She is wearing a cute white off-the-shoulder top and a pastel blue Matt & Nat bag, which is a perfect size for fitting notebooks or your laptop into. And finally, don’t forget those sunglasses to keep your eyes away from the morning sunlight. This Fashionista is definitely ready to get back into the fall semester groove.

One Simple Change: Headed to dinner? Nighttime does tend to get a bit chillier in September (especially with Boston’s spontaneous weather), so why not throw on a light jacket to prevent you from shivering on the patio while trying to enjoy that delicious meal. Bon appétit my friend!