September 18th, 2015 at 2:10am

When the leaves are changing more frequently than you change your outfit in the morning, chances are fall is right around the corner. And with your semester about to heat up, a climate cool down is just what the doctor ordered. The only problem is when you live in an area where Katy Perry’s, “Hot and Cold” is its unofficial anthem, committing to sweater weather during the first week of September could be a sticky (and sweaty) situation just waiting to happen. Balancing the bipolar hot flashes of Mother Nature during the fall can make getting dressed quite the challenge. However, it’s nothing a few strategic layers can’t fix.

This Fashionisto has mastered the art of dressing for Pittsburgh’s fickle fall climate. His light wash jean jacket is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall. Taking advantage of this fall staple is a great way to create a layered, put together look without the bulky sweaters and scarves, plus you can easily remove the jacket for an equally stylish look if it gets too hot. A patterned, navy button-down shirt is perfect for creating dimension while acting as a focal point that ties the khaki and jean materials together. Adding accents of brown with a watch and two-toned shoes adds an element of cohesion throughout the look, while a septum ring adds a fun and rebellious twist that compliments the edginess of the jacket.

One Simple Change: Once the weather starts to get a little cooler try, swapping out khaki shorts for some cuffed straight leg jeans (don’t worry, I promise you won’t look like Justin and Britney at the 2001 VMAs)! You can even try on a pair of Chelsea boots if you want to channel your classic rock ‘n’ roll side.