WHAT TO WEAR: Everywhere

It seems like everyone nowadays has a million things on their plate. Constantly running from class to study groups to activities and the gym can be exhausting. Not to mention, coordinating an outfit that works no matter where you’re headed is anything but simple. The key is choosing pieces that function wherever you may be going. Keeping your base layer simple and throwing sneakers or a sweatshirt in your bag can pull you away from constantly adorning athleisure wear and into something more stylish (but still practical).

This Fashionista has a cute, put together look for class, and with a few quick changes, this look can easily transfer to the gym or dance class. Layering is everything when it comes to functional, transformable outfits. A stripped sweater, skirt, and adorable kitten heeled shoes are a simple, yet stylish, look for class. However, by wearing leggings, a tank top, and stashing a pair of sneakers in your backpack, this outfit easily transitions to accommodate a work out. Think about what you look needs to get through the day and play around with it!

Given how much we have going on nowadays, being able to move from one activity to the next while still looking put together and cute is a necessity for any Fashionista. By thinking about quick switches, like changing shoes or swapping a skirt for shorts, you look can take your effortlessly from class to dance to a meeting with a professor. While college is a time to get book smart, it doesn’t hurt to get style smart along the way.