What’s up, Fashionistas? I hope you have been enjoying summer—whether you’re relaxing on the beach, traveling the world or working a 9-to-5—and staying fashionable while doing so!

I usually find it difficult to dress cute while running errands. I live in the suburbs, so I can only imagine what it’s like to run errands in the city with the current heat waves. Hey, at least I have an air-conditioned car. When I am out shopping at the mall or simply going place to place picking stuff up, I find myself refusing to put on anything but athletic shorts and the closest baggy T-shirt on my bed. This Fashionista, who I spotted on her way to her part-time job, takes her on-the-go look up a few notches.

Her outfit is on point with the new monochrome trends that have been making an appearance since the spring 2016 runway ready-to-wear shows. The Fashionista pairs a loose gray-green tank top with light green shorts. Her strappy sandals keep the outfit neutral but add more of a stylish urban touch. Since they’re flat sandals, they’re perfect for a day of walking around downtown. Her nails are painted a baby pink, a subtle shade that does not overwhelm her outfit and is versatile enough to be matched with any color clothes. Her aviator sunglasses give a carefree, “don’t bother me, I’m busy” vibe to this girl on the go! Lastly, this Fashionista opts to wear a lace bralette in place of a regular bra or a sports bra—a comfortable and chic choice.

One Simple Change: Besides errands, another time I find I’m walking often is when I travel. Want to up your style game and find a look that’s perfect to post on Instagram? Switch the shorts with some culottes. You’ll still be comfortable but super trendy at the same time.