Athleisure isn’t a new concept, but it’s become quite the trend lately. American style is known around the world for being casual, comfortable and leisurely. We are one of the few countries, if not the only one, where it is not completely frowned upon to go out in public wearing pajama pants. Thankfully, this ultra casual look doesn’t cut it for most of us and we need something a little more stylish to wear while also being comfortable and able to get things done since we are busy Fashionistas with chaotic lives. Everyone has those days when you have classes throughout the day and also need to hit up the gym, pick up groceries and get your nails done sometime in between. If this sounds like you, you need athleisure in your life.

This Fashionista is one of those on the go people. She’s dressed for class, the gym and other errands she needs to get done for the day. She wore an adidas crewneck with zippers from the neckline to the raglan sleeve’s seams. This top is super casual, but also stylish because it incorporates a textured pattern in the logo and a different textured lining which is visible when it’s unzipped. In addition, it’s perfect for keeping warm, but also great for cooling off when getting active. Any adaptable garment is a perfect addition to your athleisure look. She pairs the top with capri leggings and adds more texture to her look with her fun sneakers.

One Simple Change: Did you finish all of your errands? Sweat it off in the gym by transitioning into a workout look. All you have to do is throw your hair up in a funky scrunchy.